Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Update

My weekend was a very fast one and I only have 2 pics.


I went and got a manicure with my friend Anna. Once again I did the sparkly nail polish.

We also went to dinner at Mr Gs which is a great Greek and Italian food place. I got some Moussaka. Yum!! :).

Then got some peanut butter frozen yogurt. :)

Sat- I woke up early to go to one of my good friend's Amy baby shower!!

Camryn McKinley Flowers can't come here any slower!! She is due Feb.4th

Then later that evening me and my whole family plus JBK went to support my baby sister MEC in her high school pageant!! And she won!!!

JBK bought MEC flowers. Can we just my boyfriend is amazing!!
And pink roses no less!!

He spent the night but he had to leave early due to the fact he was moving back to UWA and starts student teaching today!!

It is getting harder and harder to say bye to him!! But thank the LORD for this Friday off and Monday!! I get to spend Friday thru Sunday with him!!! And also have our first double maybe triple date!! :)

I can't wait for this weekend!!


  1. Your sister is gorgeous! Love that photo! Also, your sparkly nail polish is to die for!

  2. How sweet that he brought her flowers!