About Kaitlyn

Let's see I am 23 year old who does not feel like one at all.

Well I am about to be 24 in like 6 days... haha

I graduated from a small college in Montgomery, Alabama if you have seen Big Fish you have seen my school. I absolutely love it. I graduated in  May 2013 with a degree in History.  Then after that hoping to go to graduate school at UA or Southern Miss for graduate school in Library Sciences and I would love to work in a middle school or high school or in the Teen department.

I grew up in three different places, but my home is a town called Indian Springs. It is the middle of all the big cities in central Alabama.

I have two amazing parents that have been married for 28 years almost 29 years.

I also have 2 younger sisters. SEC is 21 years old and attends Auburn. ( Roll Tide) SEC also got the brains in the family Industrial Engineering   and the other is MEC she is 15 about to be 16  and a sophomore  at the high school.

I also have an amazing guy in my life. I don't know where I would be without him. His name is JBK. :) He is my best friend, boyfriend, babe, my knight, etc. He is an eighth grade science teacher. We have been long distance our whole relationship. It's hard, but distance makes the heart grow fonder right. :)

.My blog is called Crazy Life of Kaitlyn because my life is pretty crazy. I blog about a lot of things from my weight loss journey, letters to myself, and so much more. I am trying to be more organized in it as well. haha.

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