Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years and Meeting JBK's family

Sorry for being MIA. School started yesterday. It won't be that  bad I think. I'm just really worried about one class. More on that later.

So my boy JBK got to come for NYE and New Years Day!! I also got to meet his family as well. :) They loved me! And they were so sweet and so funny.

Yeah for no self pics anymore!!!

Funny faces because my mom was taking the pics.

My eyes were blinking so much. or they wanted to be half open. I don't know.

My sweet pup Sadie Belle.

JBK might kill for me this but he was the cutest dork kid ever. :)

This is one is my background right now. :)  So I gave him blackmail pics of me as well.
Me with my bad bangs. This is why I dont have bangs.

Then this one you can see my weird eyebrows. I was called Chinese when I was kid because my weird eyebrows that go up.

 One of my gifts from JBK. Doesnt he know me so well.

 I LOVE LOVE Belle. It is my favorite movie and so me it is not even funny. It is a picture frame. :) I will be putting a pic of us shortly in it. :)


  1. cute pictures! I like your new design too.

    1. thanks one of my best friends did it. She did it an amazing job. I will be highlighting her tomorrow. :)

  2. You were such a cute little girl, I don't know what you're talking about calling them blackmail photos!

    Love the pictures of the two of you together. So glad meeting the families went well, I remember that! (I almost threw up actually LOL)

  3. Haha. Well he thinks his pictures are blackmail worthy. I could probably pick worse pics for me but I didn't. Haha. Like me and my huge glasses pics.

    Yeah I was so nervous too. I had to drive down there no him picking me. That was nerve wrecking. I was rockin out to music the whole way down. Haha to keep my stomach from being upset.