Monday, July 30, 2012

25 Things About Me

So today I am linking up with at Brooke at Covered in Grace. She is doing a blog link up so I decided to do a 25 facts about me since I have not done it awhile.

1. God is number one in my life. I love worshiping him in my car or just about anywhere. haha.

2. I go to a small private college in Montgomery, Alabama. I love it. I can't wait to go back in almost 3 weeks!!

3. I always have a book in my purse. Right now it is called The Swan House

4.  I am a president fact junkie. haha. I know weird facts about US presidents. Like for example: Ronald Regan was the first president to wear contacts and have been divorced.

5. I am a history major with teacher certification (6-12) major. It is love and hate relationship.

6.  My friends mean the world to me.  I usually use initials when I talk about them on here.

7. One of my best friends RKK is getting married on Aug. 11th and I am going to be her bridesmaid. I am so happy for her.

8. I hated high school. I would not go back. Well I take that back I would go back to Senior Year.

9. I sing really bad. My sisters however sing really good.

10. I love making mixed cds. I also love all types of music. Right now this is my favorite song.

11. I love the Olympics. Gymnastics is my favorite. Maybe it is because when I was 5 I wanted to be part of the Magnificent Seven.

12. I have a serious addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.

13. I also love dark chocolate rasberry M and Ms.

14. I love going to places like Whole Foods and Earth Faire.

15. If I could go back to any decade it would be the 1960s.

16.  I trying to decide if I want a tattoo or not.

17. I have only dated one guy in my 22 years of life. His name was MAG.  I am over him, but I miss our friendship so much. I have really talked to him since our breakup in March.

18. I love Neflix. haha. Right now I am watching Crossing Jordan.

19. I now have lost more then 5% of my body weight!! :)

20.  I LOVE missions. I hope to go to Africa next summer!!

21. I love my 1999 blue Honda CRV named Betsy. Even though she may get replaced soon. :(

22. I really miss playing softball sometimes. I want to go to the batting cages soon.

23. I have never gotten drunk and do not plan on it.

24.   I want to go to the Holy Land so badly.

25.  I have a huge stack of books to read next to my bed. I have not even touched it this summer. I blame it on the library. haha.

Want to know more? Just ask away!! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Link Up!! :) Sunday Social

So today I am linking up for the first time ever Sunday Social

 1. What is your dream job?   I would have to say anything do with presidents. I am such a presdient buff. It is not even funny. haha. 

2.. If you had just won the lottery and didn't need to work for money, what would you do with your time?

I would save some, spend some on friends and family. Then travel the world. 

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?\

Since it is the Olympics Season I would have to say this person or this person, 

To me this was old even though they were teenagers. haha.  I was 5 at the time. 

4. What piece of career advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?

Well I have not been in my career field yet, but advice from the teachers I have observed, mentors, etc. have all said to me this piece of advice:  Make sure this is what you want to do this the rest of your life.  Do something you wake up every morning and enjoy going to it. 

5. What are your biggest pet peeves in life, blogging, or at work?

I would have to say when people start drama when there was no drama in the first place. Also telling a fib to a person, and so much more. 

 6. What are your biggest fears?

Being alone in life,  failing in life, and not making people/family proud

I can't wait for next weeks one!! :) 

1. What is your favorite fall activity?
2. Do you follow a football team? If so which one and why?
3. What is something fun about fall in your area?
4. What are your favorite fall outfit staples?
5. What things are you looking forward to most about this coming fall season?
6. What is your favorite fall holiday? Traditions?




Wednesday, July 25, 2012


To say I have been struggling this week would be a understatement.

First my papers are due next week. I'm so extremely nervous I won't pass History 215. I need to pass with at a C. or better. That would be great.

Second my parents put so much pressure on me it is not even funny. When I say this they deny this and put it back on me. Lovely.

Third my grandfather is being put in a nursing home this week. Granted it is better then the hospital I just wish it wasn't so far away. :(

Fourth my parents are thinking about me just go back and forth to Montgomery for one class if I pass Hist. 215. I hope not. So we shall see.

That's all I can think of right now.

Good night and God Bless!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters

I am linking up with Ashley for Friday Letters

Dear Self,

Yeah you got through this week!! You are now down 14 lbs!! I am so proud of you and sticking with it!! :) WE can do this!!

Dear Netflix,

I love you so much!! :) all my favorite tv shows now on you!! :) can't wait to rewatch!

Dear Rachel/best friend,

Your bday/ wedding shower tomorrow!! I can't wait to see you! I have missed you sister!!

Dear Jesus Calling,

Every day you speak to me. Gah. Thank you!! :).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two Posts in One Day.. Woah! Haha

Hey Blog Friends!! I was a guest poster for Rachel over at

I went to high school with her.

I wrote about 4 awesome books for summer reading!! :)

So go on over there.. Haha. :)

I also need to post a book review for Booksneeze!!

Beyond All Measure By:Dorthy Love


 Ada Wentworth has left Boston to come to Hickory Ridge, Tennessee. Ada wanted to see the country. Thus why she applied to be a woman companion. However the plan does not always seem to be what it is.  Now all alone with no money in TN all she has now is her employer Mr. Wyatt Caldwell.

Wyatt who owns the lumber mill in Hickory Ridge. Ada is the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. However they both want to leave Hickory Ridge what will happen to this couple.


This is the first book in this series. It was really hard for me to get into this book. 

Wyatt and Ada to me at first had zero chemistry as a couple, but they eventually did.Wyatt's Aunt was mean, but she eventually grew on me.  The towns people were some of the best charterers.

I do not know if I will read more of this series. Maybe I will. Who knows?

It was not one of my favorites.

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts: I am linking up with life of love aka Sar.

1. I hate papers. Especially historiography ones. Agh.. Oh and footnotes should die. hahaha

2. My best friend's wedding shower/ birthday  is Saturday!! I can't wait to see her!! I haven't seen her since March. Since me and MAG broke up.

3. While we are on the topic of MAG. I am now officially over him.  I am beyond glad that I am.

4. Weddings. I swear I am thinking about deactivating my facebook because it seems like every day or every week someone on my friend's list is engaged or married. I know I am not ready for that right now, but it makes me wonder if God will put that in my life.

5. My cousins are still here and I am loving every minute of it. I love hearing KK and big hugs and kisses.

6. I get to see Dark Knight Rises tonight at midnight!! So flipping excited!!!

7. I don't where I would be without music and Netflix. haha.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday,

Why am I tired!? I went to bed early and woke up on time!? Why you do cruel!?

Dear Dentist,

I hate going to you an I have to go to you today. Don't hurt me too bad. I know I'm awful at flossing, but it is because I have those permanent retainers on top and bottom. Pleas be kind. I also have a small mouth. :(

Dear Library,

I am so glad I can get some books on my phone without having to drive to you. So thank you!!

Dear Montgomery,

It was so good to see you Sat. and Sunday I have missed you!! Can't wait to be back in a month.

Dear HC,

Agh. Trying to figure out of my classes in the fall is so frustrating me. I think I have you figured out. But still..

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 12

What are you most looking foward to next 6 months?

  •  Going to Montgomery on Saturday seeing some friends of mine
  • Losing more weight
  • My best friend's wedding shower/birthday
  • My best friend's wedding
  • Going back to HC!!
  • Color Run!!
  • Football games at HC
  • Trying to decide what classes to take this semester
  • Student Teaching starting in Jan!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 10 and 11

So I fell behind once again on the 15 day challenge.  It is all because of this little guy and little girl. hahaha.

So Day 10 was describe your most embarrassing moment.

I would have to say the first day of 8th grade. I fell down the bleachers in a backpack and in wedge type shoes. I thankfully did from the middle. However I did it front of my 8th grade crush BN.

Day 11
 What's one thing that you would never change about yourself?

I would have to say I would not change my sense of humor.  Physically I would never like to have my eyes change. I love the color of eyes. I also love my eyelashes because they are so long and I dont have to wear mascara.  

My sister MEC wanted to join in the fun.haha

Bye for now!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I couldn't sleep until 12:30 last night and I hated it because I had work today from 8:30-2:00.

My monthly female problem is killing me because I'm cramping so bad!!

I didn't put on sunscreen yesterday. So I'm burnt. It kills.

I love having my 7 year old cousin and 3 year old cousin here. :)

I need to work on my paper tomorrow.

I can't wait to be in Montgomery on Sat. I get to see some of my favorite people.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Best Day Ever

Hmm... This topic took me all day to think about. I would have to say when my best friend Rachel called me to tell me she was getting married. Why you ask? Well it is a long story, but I will give you the short version.

Me and Rachel have been best friends since 8th grade. It feels like longer though. We have been through it all from boyfriends, to Rick (her dad) cleaning his gun when one of her dates came to get her, ( no lie), to our darkest of days for both of us.

She is like the twin sister I never had. We both like the same kind of movies. We will quote it back and forth. We love eating raw cookie dough from the big tub.

I am so glad we both made it out of darkest of days and I can't wait to stand by her at her wedding in month and a day.

She also was the one who said she would not be the friend to marry first. hahaha

This was us back in 10th grade right before the homecoming dance.

Us now at a Auburn football game!


Good/Bad/ U G L Y


I can be friends with just about anyone. I will talk to anyone. I like children, adults, old people etc. Once when I was little I got in trouble and I was put in the corner and I talked to the wall. (haha)

I have been told I am a natural beauty. Do I believe that? Eh.. sometimes yes and sometimes no. I usually wear no makeup anyways. I do not know how I am my mom's daughter or my sisters' sister because they can do all that. I have no talent for that or can do my hair in that matter like them.


I am very impatient.

I bite my nails when I am nervous about anything.


I am a worry wart to the extreme.

I am also people pleaser.


Book Recommendations/

Yea I am behind for a good reason. My couisins from Michigan are here!! :)  So here is Day 7

Come on really. Hard topic for me once again. Haha. :) Asking my favorite book is like asking me my favorite food. Haha. So I sepreated them into categories. haha.

My favorite book as a child.  Love You Forever

My favorite classic book.   The Great Gatsby

Since I love history this was my favorite since middle school.  

I have so many more, but so hard to choose from everything I have read. I have only really detested one book. Alas Babylon.

Friday, July 6, 2012

What Haven't I Done!?

There a few things I have not done, but would like to do. ( Maybe) I can't decide so that's why I have a list. Haha

1. Get a tattoo. First off I'm scared of needles some what. I would also have to get somewhere I would have to cover it up or not been seen since the profession I'm going into.

2. Run a 5K, half marathon, marathon etc. I cant run to save my life. I'm also obese once I get skinner maybe.

3. This is my second to last one and by far the most silliest one. You are going to be like really Kaitlyn!?

Ok first things first. I never went to prom. I want to wear a nice a formal dress and look drop dead beautiful in it. I know right. Haha.

4. World Race. It is 11 months of doing mission work in 11 countries. It is a lot of money and most of it anyways would be fun raised.

I love mission work so much. I have been to Costa Rica ( 3 times), Montana (4 times), New Mexico, and hopefully next summer Uganda. :) so that's it.

So that's it. 4 things I want to do.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dinner Anyone!?

Pick 5 people to have dinner with.

This prompt was very hard for me to choose from. I am a history buff so I have those people. I am book reader so I have those people. So here we go..

One- my dad's mom. She died when he was 12. She's actually one of my role models. She was 29 when she got married to my grandfather. That was back in the 1940s also. That was not the normal thing. So I want to ask how she dealt with the pressure. She also won a few medals in World War Ii.

Two- My dads dad. He is pretty awesome. He is not your normal man. He is 92 and was pastor in Selma, Al during the 1960s. He was for African American rights. I love hear his stories.

Three- my mom's dad. He died right before my mom got married to my dad. My mom's parents eloped. I want to hear more about that.

Four- my mom's mom. She passed away almost 9 years ago. I miss her so much!!

Five- the rest of my family. Aunts and uncles included. My parents. My sisters. My cousins even the ones that have died and the ones I have not seen in awhile. One of my uncles has waved parental rights until their 18. So I have no first cousins on my mom's side.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Favorite Childhood Memory

Every Christmas Eve me and my sisters go see Santa. Yes in my ripe age of 22, my sister Emily ( 19 almost 20), and Mary Elizabeth (14).

We are also given $50 to spend on anything we want. This year I got a cool purse even though it sheds all over me. I love peace sign anything. I also got 2 books!!

The first pic is of me and Emily. That year she wanted to be like my mom and try curl her hair. Instead she burnt her little hand. You can't see the hand in that pic though. It had gauze all over it.

That picture also describes our relationship. Haha.

The other picture is of the purse I bought. :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Confession Tuesday

In the Words of Usher "These are my Confessions" hahaha

1. I broke down and went shopping last night for new blue jean capris and I went down a size!!
2. I'm down 7.6 lbs at weight watchers, but I have lost 11 without clothes on!
3. Tomorrow is Fourth of July I am using my extra points for the food!
4. My sisters brought their boys with them at the Lake and I have no boy.
5. My stomach is feeling sick.

That is all. :)

Favorite Article Clothing

I am not really big on saying what is my favorite anything. I am so indecisive it is not even funny. I usually get the same thing at restaurants. I take my time when I order stuff if I have never been there before. Haha.

However I got 3 shirts when my grandmother passed away. It will be 9 years this month sometime. My favorite is this one.

Yep that's me!! I was the first grand baby on that side. :) I miss her everyday, but I know she is in a better place.

It says I Love My Big Momma.
Yes we called her Big Momma even though she was skinniest thing ever.

Monday, July 2, 2012

6 Words Memior

God's Timing is Better Then Mine

That is pretty self explanatory.

This one really describes me so well right now.

Making myself better best thing ever.

I am making myself better by losing weight, getting reconnected with God, loving myself, etc.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

15 Random Facts

1. I'm 22. I can't believe I am. I don't act like I am and I dont look it either.
2. I have a lost 11 lbs since I started weight watchers almost 3 weeks ago!! :) so I surpassed my first goal.
3. I love reading. I always have a book in my purse.
4. My relationship with God is one of the most important things to me.
5. I am a 5th year senior at a small Christian College in AL.
6. I am a secondary education(6-12) in history major.
7. Sometimes I feel like I am called to do something that's not that
8. I am subbing this summer at my old church and I love it!! My favorite out the 2 year olds I have been with 7 times now.
9. I work Wednesday nights at my church at school. I love it. :)
10. I have 2 younger sisters. 19 and 14
11. I know weird facts about US Presidents. And my favorite president is JFK.
12. I would love to live back in the 1960s because I would be marching in all those marches. :)
13. One of my best friends is getting married in 41 days!! I can't believe it.
14. I love the mountains more then the beach.
15 I hate/loathe hot weather. So this weather in AL is killing me. :(