Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear 2012 A little late I know

Dear 2012,

You started off great with Passion!! So many people worshiping God in one place.

Then came February The Lord wrecked me in such a beautiful way at Discovery Retreat. I'm so glad I finally got to experience it.

Then came the month of hell known as March. Me and MAG broke up and my whole world and my heart was shattered.

April-July were really hazy. I was depressed. Praying on my knees. God again wrecked again showed me it was a good thing that me and MAG broke up.

Also in July I did something completely out of my comfort zone. I joined Weight Watchers and lost weight. Then I also joined a dating website. I def had a few creeps.
 I also started to blog more and "meet" other blog  people.


I started my second senior year. haha. I also had a certain guy on the dating website who kept asking me questions. and I of course answered them back. he also asked to skype and it took a month to do that. because I was still hurting a tiny bit.

And my best friend got married. :) :)


  I started to skype this guy. We texted and/or/ even both some days. He was and is everything i have looked for in a person. He made/makes me laugh everytime we are together. We finally set a date to meet in Oct.

This was crazy month. There was my birthday. My sister in homecoming court. Finally meeting JBK. Surprising him at UWA. Him coming to HC and asking me dad's permission to date me.

Nov. and Dec

These are the gifts JBK got me for Christmas doesnt he know me so well. haha.

2012 overall  you were great then horrible then amazing!!! 2013 you already off to a great start and I can not wait to see what you and God have in store for me. 

I would like to thank these lovely ladies for being the greatest blogging friends and I really hope to meet y'all one day!! 

Sar, Abbey, Kate, Katie, and of course my real life friend who got me to blog Lauren who is about to give my blog a makeover!! 

And last but not least this wonderful guy!! 


  1. Aw love you and would LOVE to meet you in person as well! :) Loved getting a recap of your year and can't wait to read all about 2013!

    1. aww!! once I graduate. I would love to do a road trip or something to meet everyone. haha. :)Love you too friend!

  2. Ditto everything Katie said. :) Happy new year, friend!

  3. Love it! Congratulations on the guy :) I've always been skeptical of dating websites but then hear some great stories. What site did you use?

    1. thanks!! :) He is so amazing, awesome, etc. I was too but I prayed about it. I used match.

  4. Love that I got a shout-out! Looks like a fabulous year, sweetheart. Here's hoping for an even better 2013!