Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 Days

100 Days from now I will be a college graduate. Even though it has taken 5 years to do it I would not replace those years for anything. 

The moment I stepped on Huntingdon College campus 6 years ago  that I knew I was home. I wanted to go to school where nobody from my high school went to or anyone from my senior class would go to. I needed to get out from underneath my high school is called. "Coke Mountain" Oak Mountain "High" and so much more. I needed to get away from the mean people that made my 10th and 11th grades hell.

Then the day had arrived Aug. 22nd 2008. I was moving into college. I could not believe that day had come to be honest. It seems like just yesterday I moved in and made some friends. 

Now as I as am I typing this blog I come to realize from my time here. I experienced a lot here. I experienced what true friends are, professors that care, professors who don't, my first love, my first kiss, my first break from a boyfriend, my first broken heart, and now importantly love again.

Yes, everybody I am in love again!!!!! I love JBK. (Blog post to come about)

I also found my soul sister in  my girl LEA. She is the reason and got me to blog in the first place.

So when I walk across that stage on May 4th 2013. I will have so many supporters there and for that I am very thankful. 

Here's some amazing pictures of my home away from home. 


The library

       Flowers Hall where most of my classes are.

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