Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where Were You When??

12 years ago our nation was attacked on US soil. It seems like yesterday. I was only 11 at the time. Just a baby. First year of middle school. Only been in middle school for a month. 6th grade. 

I woke up early morning. I had Middle school Breakfast Club where you eat at McDonalds with kids your age and have a short devotional. 

My first class was science class. It was so boring. 

My second class was PE that's when I found out. A guy came running to my line telling us a plane had the hit the  twin towers. I didn't know what the twin towers were or where it was located. Then one of the girls in my pe class started to cry because it was her birthday. We then heard it was New York and another girl started to cry because her dad was on a plane to NYC. 

One of the PE coaches brought the tv in. We also saw the second plane hit the second tower. Left and right were crying. People started to get checked out. 

The next five periods my teachers didn't turn the tv on. The older grades did, but the 6th grade teachers wanted to make it normal as possible. 

When I got home all I could do was cling to my mom as we watched the news. 



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