Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Goals!

Hey guys. So Claire the little girl I'm a nanny for deleted my last post. She loves  my phone.  A lot of my blog girlfriends have been making goal posts so I wanted to start too. 

September Life Goals

Lose at least 10 pounds 

Drink 120 or more oz of water everyday 

10 burpees everyday minus Sunday. Send to Brad how long it took me. 

Don't cheat on my 21 Day Diet

Also write down everything I eat and give it to Brad 

Workout 4x a week with Brad 

Sign up for Warrior Dash in November. 

September Love Goals

1. Pray for JBK when I get up and pray for him over the phone at night. 

2. Ask JBK if he has any joys or concerns every night. 

3. Start Grace for The Good Girl

4. Plan exciting anniversary stuff for JBK

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  1. These are awesome personal and relationship goals! Thanks so much for linking up with us! I cannot wait to see where you end up at the end of the month with a little intentionality and encouragement! We are always here for you!