Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept Goals

Hey Everyone!! :).  I'm showing how my Sept goals came out. 

September Life Goals

Lose at least 10 pounds

I lost 10 lbs!!! :) I'm so happy!! :) I'm 2 lbs away from 5 %!

Drink 120 or more oz of water everyday 

I need to drink more water. I haven't been drinking as much as I should. 

10 burpees everyday minus Sunday. Send to Brad how long it took me. 

I only missed this once. I'm getting better at those stinkin burpees. 

Don't cheat on my 21 Day Diet

I only cheated once. 

Also write down everything I eat and give it to Brad 

I did. :). 

Workout 4x a week with Brad 

I have not missed a workout. :) I also will be working for a month on the 28th. :) wow!! :) 

Sign up for Warrior Dash in November. 

Did it. I'm so so nervous about it. 

September Love Goals

1. Pray for JBK when I get up and pray for him over the phone at night. 

I have not been doing a lot of my love goals to be honest. Expect for number 4. 

This month has been a hard one for us. We fought a few times. 

We have only seen each two times. I am going to see him Sat and he's going to spend the night at my parent's house. 

We finally talked about our conflicts so we know how to resolve it. So yeah!! 

Also Kalyn's post last week about 5 tips of long distance relationship helped out a bunch! I so needed that post thank you Kalyn!! :) 

2. Ask JBK if he has any joys or concerns every night. 

3. Start Grace for The Good Girl. 

I haven't started to read it yet. I'm reading somethingelse. 

4. Plan exciting anniversary stuff for JBK

I can't wait to give my presents to him!! I can't tell y'all since he reads this blog!! Haha. 

Can't wait to show y'all next months goals!! :). 




  1. Woo hoo for exciting anniversary stuff! I'm feeling the same way about my birthday plans for the mister this month! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. What is Grace for the Good Girl?? It sounds amazing! Definitely going to look it up. And I started buying my husband's birthday presents over a month before his birthday, I just got too stinkin excited about it! :)