Friday, July 6, 2012

What Haven't I Done!?

There a few things I have not done, but would like to do. ( Maybe) I can't decide so that's why I have a list. Haha

1. Get a tattoo. First off I'm scared of needles some what. I would also have to get somewhere I would have to cover it up or not been seen since the profession I'm going into.

2. Run a 5K, half marathon, marathon etc. I cant run to save my life. I'm also obese once I get skinner maybe.

3. This is my second to last one and by far the most silliest one. You are going to be like really Kaitlyn!?

Ok first things first. I never went to prom. I want to wear a nice a formal dress and look drop dead beautiful in it. I know right. Haha.

4. World Race. It is 11 months of doing mission work in 11 countries. It is a lot of money and most of it anyways would be fun raised.

I love mission work so much. I have been to Costa Rica ( 3 times), Montana (4 times), New Mexico, and hopefully next summer Uganda. :) so that's it.

So that's it. 4 things I want to do.

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