Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Favorite Childhood Memory

Every Christmas Eve me and my sisters go see Santa. Yes in my ripe age of 22, my sister Emily ( 19 almost 20), and Mary Elizabeth (14).

We are also given $50 to spend on anything we want. This year I got a cool purse even though it sheds all over me. I love peace sign anything. I also got 2 books!!

The first pic is of me and Emily. That year she wanted to be like my mom and try curl her hair. Instead she burnt her little hand. You can't see the hand in that pic though. It had gauze all over it.

That picture also describes our relationship. Haha.

The other picture is of the purse I bought. :)


  1. $50 for anything?! Kind of awesome!

    1. Yeah. The only thing is when I'm standing in line people stare at me. Haha.