Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear Monday

Dear Monday,

Why am I tired!? I went to bed early and woke up on time!? Why you do cruel!?

Dear Dentist,

I hate going to you an I have to go to you today. Don't hurt me too bad. I know I'm awful at flossing, but it is because I have those permanent retainers on top and bottom. Pleas be kind. I also have a small mouth. :(

Dear Library,

I am so glad I can get some books on my phone without having to drive to you. So thank you!!

Dear Montgomery,

It was so good to see you Sat. and Sunday I have missed you!! Can't wait to be back in a month.

Dear HC,

Agh. Trying to figure out of my classes in the fall is so frustrating me. I think I have you figured out. But still..


  1. Building schedules is so much more time consuming than people give it credit for! I go back and forth for a day or so before I finally settle.

  2. Well my problem is I go to such a small school we have like no electives. I also was supposed to student teach this fall. But God had other plans.