Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters

I am linking up with Ashley for Friday Letters

Dear Self,

Yeah you got through this week!! You are now down 14 lbs!! I am so proud of you and sticking with it!! :) WE can do this!!

Dear Netflix,

I love you so much!! :) all my favorite tv shows now on you!! :) can't wait to rewatch!

Dear Rachel/best friend,

Your bday/ wedding shower tomorrow!! I can't wait to see you! I have missed you sister!!

Dear Jesus Calling,

Every day you speak to me. Gah. Thank you!! :).


  1. I LOVE the book Jesus Calling...isn't it crazy how much God can use it to speak to us? So crazy! Just found your blog, love it:) love Katie

  2. Every day I underline something in it!! haha!! :)

    Aw thanks about my blog. I am starting to blog more and I love it. It is like my outlet. haha.