Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Social Take 5

So I haven't linked up with these ladies in awhile. :). It is all about 5s so that maybe easier for me. Haha.

Also starting tomorrow I will be writing a series about my testimony. :) I have been praying about it for sometime and God has really rocked my face and socks this past week. So I took it as a Yes. Haha.

Back to Sunday Social...

Five Songs I Could Listen to Rest of My Life:
1. God Gave Me You- Dave Barnes
2. Poison and Wine- The Civil Wars
3. The Ballad of Love and Hate- The Avett Brothers
4. Ho Hey- The Luminers
5. Don't Stop Believing- Journey

5 Things on my Bucket List:
1. Marry my Love
2. Have kids
3 Lose weight almost to 100 lbs to go!
4. Go to every State
5. Meet my blog friends

5 Celebrities I would love to hang out with:
Emily and Zooey Deshenal
Harrison Ford
John Green and Hank Green

5 things always in my purse
1. Pens
2. Notebook
3. My phone
4. A book. The Lost Wife right now
5. My bible

5 Books on my Reading List
1. Gone Girl
2. Paper Towns
3. Never Knowing
4. Cemetery Girl
5. Les Mis

5 pictures from my phone
1. My new fingernail color. Still getting used to it.
2. One of my church babies. :)
3. Selfie when it snowed.
4. When I was 4 maybe!?
5. JBK (my boyfriend) as a kid :)


  1. Gone Girl is on my list too, and that nail color is so pretty!

    New follower from Sunday Social!

  2. the civil wars are awesome!! love their music.

    gone girl was an addictive and crazy read :)

    cute blog!

    happy sunday!

  3. Thanks for stopping by!! :)

    Man, I forgot about Harrison Ford for my list of celebs -- hard to narrow it down, but gosh I love him!

  4. Lovely lists! Don't stop believing. Definitely. The other songs... I have no idea! Haha.

    Best of luck on your weight loss journey! I started out just walking regularly, and then went to full on exercise, and then running!! :)