Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Almost Wedding Day!!!

2 sweet blog friends of mine are getting married this weekend. I could not be happier for these two ladies. I wanted to do a blog post for them before the craziness begins so they could see it and be blessed. :)

First to my lovely Meg who I am sponsoring for 2 months!! :).


You are finally getting married this weekend!! Ahh!! I can't wait for pictures and posts about it. May you and Adam have an amazing day. :) You are going to look beautiful my dear friend. :). I hope one day to meet your beautiful face. :)


Next up is Nicole who is so sweet and was one of the first blogs I followed.

Dear Nicole,

Omg. WE are finally here girlfriend!! I remember when I first starting following you. There was no ring at all. Just you and Tyler. Now y'all are getting married!! I can't wait for pictures and posts about it all. You are going to look so beautiful!! May you and Tyler have an amazing day!! I hope one day to met you since we are only a state away!! :)



I am also going to end with this prayer for y'all.

Dear God,

Thank you for these two amazing girls. Thank you for placing these two guys in their lives. I can see the joy and happiness in them in their pictures and posts about them. I know you are going to bless them beyond measure this amazing day of their lives. Just remind that day to breathe and take time to be with their hubby( ahh) at the reception . Remind them they are loved by so many people their at the wedding and the people that aren't there but will be their in spirit that love them aka their blogging friends. Me in particular God. They have shown me how a relationship should be. These two girls are amazing vessels for you Lord. Continue to use them Lord for your glory not their glory. May their wedding be free of distractions. That it will go easy breezy. I can't wait to see what their future has for them Lord. I hope one day I get to meet these two amazing beautiful ladies. I am so glad I get to call them my blog friends. May their marriage honor you. God bless their marriage.
In Jesus Name I pray.

Amen!!! :)

Have amazing wedding day you two!! and have a safe honeymoon!!! :).


Here are the links to these lovely girls blogs:


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  1. I know I said something to you on twitter, but I just wanted to comment here and tell you what a big blessing your prayer was to me on my wedding day. It seriously brought me to tears. I am so blessed to have readers who love and support our marriage. Wow. I am just so overwhelmed. It was a perfect day and I know your prayers helped to make it that way!