Friday, November 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday I mean Friday

Wow I haven't blogged since last Friday. This week has just been crazy busy with Claire. 

I'm so thankful for... 

My parents. I know I don't talk about them often on here. My parents will be married for 29 years tomorrow. :). They are also leaving us 3 girls tomorrow for the beach and we will join them Tuesday thru Friday!! :) 

This is an old picture but I love them so much. They have given me an my sisters the best life possible. They do so much for us. 

I'm thankful for my sweet JBK. We had an amazing talk last night about a few bumps and he listened. :). And I also got an unexpected text this morning. So ready to see him next weekend. 

Sweet Erin. Today is her birthday! She is one of my inspirations! :). I hope to visit her in California one day. 

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies need I say more!?? :). 



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  1. Happy Anniversary to your folks!! And I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Thanksgiving!!