Friday, November 15, 2013

My Break Through

So y'all know I had a horrible month last month. It was full of excuses. I just wasn't do I what I should be doing. I was cheating a lot and just not really caring. 

I was making a routine of everything. I was stuck in a rut. Even though I was working out 3x to 4x a week. 

I was going through the motions in my whole life. I was doing it in my relationship with JBK, my weight loss, my food, everything. 

I had a HUGE break through last night and today during my workout. If you read my thankful Thursday you can read about the treadmill. Well Brad told everyone about it this morning and I had to do it again this morning. That's what I have to do that now at the end of each workout. 

So now I'm starting a new with everything!! :). I can't wait for this new adventure!! :). 



1 comment:

  1. It is hard to stay in an exercise routine. You can do it girl! If you wantt od rop the pounds, you will. just believe you will with God's help. pray to Him for His help. :)