Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long Distance/Goals

Me and JBK have been long distance for a year and 9 days. It has up moments and down moments. 

I commend my friends that have long distance marriages, relationships. 

I learn from them, but I still struggle. 

I hate to say right now it is a down moment. 
He's better at it then I am. 

I  like talking everyday if we can, I like hearing his voice to encourage me, I like laughing before bed, I love moments before bed hearing good night my princess I love you.  It helps me sleep better. 

Not hearing from him the past 3 nights and almost 4 days hurts. 

I know it will makes us stronger, but it is so hard. 

Dating a first year middle school teacher is hard because you have extra stuff after school, grading, etc. 

So right now I'm making some goals to help ( hopefully). 

1. Journal. I have missed writing out my thoughts where nobody can read. ( No offense to y'all) 

2. Doing a devotional. I haven't been reading my bible like I should. I only have been picking it up on Tuesday at bible study. Which I shouldn't do. So starting tomorrow I'm getting up earlier to do it. Even though I started today. 

3. Pray. I have been letting my bitterness and jealous behavior get the best out of me. My prayer life has not been as it should be. So I will be praying everyday and every hour I'm awake to let God get rid of this behavior and more. 

4.  Plan exciting dates when he comes to stay with me and my family. I have actually a good one for Friday or Saturday. But really we can do it anytime. I can't say on here because he reads this.. Haha. 

5. Anythingelse!? If anyone has any advice that would be great. 



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  1. Unfortunately I can't relate to the long distance struggles :( but I know it must be hard beyond belief. BUT, you've been doing it for a year and you're still together? That is way commendable and you should remind yourself that if you can make it that long, another day isn't anything to worry about :) I mean, you just did the Warrior Dash and KILLED IT, this - a piece of cake because you both love each other (that's clear from the blog!) I wish you both the best and I think your list of ideas sound great.