Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Goals

Hey Everyone!! Can y'all believe it is October 1!! What when did that happen!! 
This week is also birthday week!!!  My birthday is Sunday I will be 24! 

So fitness goals this month. 

I am on board with Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans and a bunch more ladies by only drinking water this month. 

I also am joining Erin from Shesabigstar

I also want be in the 220s by the end of this month. I also want to have lost 5% of my body weight. 

I also need to start to track what I eat. I have fallen off that wagon. 

I also want to start walking or something  on my days that I'm not working out. 

I am so proud of this journey.

 I started WW August 6th so almost 2 months. 

I also started my workout journey August 28!! :).  


  1. I love your goals and definitely think they're all attainable... I'm right in the same boat with many of them so let's do this girl! :) Proud of you for being so committed!!

  2. Great goals! You have got this! Oh, and happy birthday!