Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1

Day 1  

I am going to start from the beginning of The Bible. 

All women are descended from the first woman and she is the mother to us all. 

Her name is Eve. Her name means life-giver. 

Eve was born from Adam's rib as a companion for him. She lived in the garden of Eden. 

One day she ate the fruit that she was forbidden to eat along with Adam as well.  Thus now sin came in the picture. 

They had no idea that sin would cause this much damage. Sin looks so appealing and appetizing however the final product will always be death. 

No amount of blaming who made who eat that piece of forbidden fruit could change what would happen to them
or the generations after them. 

They had to leave the beautiful garden of Eden where they have lived and known. 
Eve and all women were also marked with childbirth pains. ( Thanks a lot Eve) haha. 

What I have learned from Eve. I want to be a life-giver. I can't wait for that day when The Lord if is part of his plan for my life to give birth to kids either myself, foster, adopt. 

That is one characteristic I hope to have one day. 



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