Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekly Goals

Today is April 1st. Where did March go!??? Haha. We are also 3 months into the year.

So my weekly goals.


I am also not weighing in this month. But I jumped on the scale to know what I was today so I know what to go by when I weigh in on May 1. 232.7lbs

1. Either go to the gym on a weekday or do Jillian Michaels.

2. Drink 100oz or more water

3. Start this lovely calendar of fun!!
Working on my thighs.

4. Eat my veggies and fruits :)

5. Track my food!!


  1. I love this idea of weekly goals! I should do this weekly! I always try to make a monthly goal but find I falter, I should break it down to weekly goals! Thanks for the idea!

    And you so got your May 1st goal! I know it!

    1. You should totally make weekly goals! And when you do, link them up with me :D We have a great little support group going!


  2. Stellar goals this week! You can totally do it! Yay for no weigh april too!

    And that thigh work out calendar is a great idea!!! :D Thanks for linking up!


  3. Yay for no weigh ins! I get so caught up in what the scale says sometimes that it dictates how I feel for the rest of the can be so exhausting.