Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Motivation/Inspiration

I've been asked lately what is my motivation!? Why did it take this long to get it. 

Why now when I was 23 almost 24!?  Why now when I was at my heaviest I ever been!? 

Why not when I was first started gaining weight at 11/12!? 

Why not when I was freshman in high school!? 

Why not when I was in the 100s my freshman year in college!? 

Why not when I was poinsetta debutante!?  3 years ago. 

Why now you ask!? 

Why the heck not!??? 

Sure when I started I was the heaviest I ever been!

My motivation this time is for me. Only me. It is not for my mom, dad, sisters, JBK. 

I want to show myself that I CAN do this. That I CAN make myself change. That I have strength to do it. 

I workout at least 3x a week plus Sat if I can. I hate when I miss. I love when I'm sore because it shows me I had a great workout. Plus I'm about to start doing 5Ks and P90x3. 

Yes I'm crazy. 

I am ready to finally commit full throttle. 

I think why I'm finally getting this because I'm putting my own money into it. Besides the 2 months my parents paid for my birthday present and 1 month for Christmas. 

But I'm so ready to do this for me!! And I can't wait to see the results and what I will look like a year from now!! 

2014 The Year of Health and Getting Fit!! :). 

Thank you so so much for the constant support and constantencouragement!! :).  

I love y'all more then you know!! :). 



  1. YES!! Exactly! You are so on fire and you are so ready to make the changes! I can't wait to see where we are at the end of next year!!

  2. You CAN do it! Good luck! I'm making 2014 a year of change too! ;)

  3. You have got this! And you are right, why the heck not now!

  4. Get it girl!!!

  5. You can dot it! There is no time like the present to start!