Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I love each everyone of my blogging friends!!! Y'all are so amazing and thank you for coming on this journey with me!! I can't wait to see what is in store for next year in 2013!! Maybe I can come visit some of y'all. :).

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Things I Learned in 2012

I have been thinking about writing a post of some of the things I learned this year.
2012 you have been such an up and down year for me. Some are serious and some are funny. :)

1. The world didn't end on Dec. 21st 2012. My 14 year old self is now rejoicing.

2. Crying is good for the soul.

3. Blogging your feelings helps tremendously.

4. The Fault in Our Stars is John Green's best book to date.

5. Never stay with someone who makes you unhappy. ( MAG)

6. Getting courage was one of the best thing I have done this year.

7. Having someone who pursues you is worth it.

8. Someone who likes you even your flaws and doesn't want to change them is awesome!!

9. Being best friends and being each other significant other is key.

10. Be with someone that friends and family love.

11. Learning that your past relationship was a toxic, depressing, etc. relationship and not what relationships are about.

12. Having blog friends is amazing. Even tho I wish they lived closer.

13. Hot bubble baths are amazing.

14. Having JBK in my life makes me so blessed. Distance really makes the heart grow fonder.

15. Knowing your significant other's love language. :) Quality Time. And mine is a tie for that and physical touch.

There's so much I learned this year. Here's to next year. 2013 I am ready for you!! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hi My Name is Kaitlyn and I'm a Literary Junkie

I found this link up through my one best blog friends Miss Abbey . I am on the road to visit to my grandfather, aunt, uncle, and cousins down in Fairhope. So I would grab the button. Haha. ;)

Now on to the questions.

1. Well I just now started this jem. After so many people recommending I finally got it in a book swap. ;).

The Book Thief

2. I would probably say either John Green or Karen Kingsbury. Two polar opposite book authors I know. Haha those 2 are possibly my favorite authors.

3. I would say my couch or my bed. I love reading before bed and into the night.

4. That's a hard one for me. Haha so lets see.

The Fault in Our Stars is my favorite absolutely favorite YA book right now. Omg. If you want romance, sadness, adventure, humor. This is the book for you. I finished it in a day and half after I got it and signed by John Green himself. :)

The Garden of Good and Evil is a good mystery. It is on my reread list. :)

13 Reasons Why was the first audiobook I listened too. Amazing!!

The next few are my favorite classics. It also doesn't help these 2 lived or had lived in alabama. :) To Kill a Mockingbird shout out she went to my college for a bit and The Great Gatsby F. Scott's Montgomery home is like 5 min down the road too.
Then you can't go wrong with Mr. Darcy.

The Harry Potter and Traveling Pants are my favorite series. :) they defined my childhood. :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Home for the Holidays

I'm sorry I have only posted once. I just got home for Christmas Break and my mom has already put me to work. I have seen JBK already once. Hopefully will see him more next week.

So home for the Holidays. My family goes all out for Christmas I wish I could show you everything we do.

I will tell you about most of it and a few pics. Lets see we have a ton of trees. All of them are fake due to everyone but mine allergies.  We have 4. We used to have a kids' tree that had old toys from happy meals,etc. we have wreaths on every door and window.
Most of you don't know but my family has a farm. We have ducks, chickens, goats,
And our farm has a star on it with lights.

We also have every picture for our christmas cards/ Santa pics.

Christmas Eve we have a few traditions.

One is we always see Santa. We are then given money to spend on anything. I usually get books.

Two we fondue. :).

Three We were always given PJs from our dad's godmother basically his mom. I always called her my great godmother. she was pretty cool. she went to my college back in the 1930s. She knew Harper Lee. Need I say more?? She passed away 3 years ago.

Then there's a few things I love around our house.

My first Christmas!!

Our Santa picture last year

One of our many trees. 

The farm. i know it is blurry 

One of my favorite christmas photos. back when i had hair down to almost my butt

These two things are my grandmother's. I love them. I def. want them!!

The Natavity Set my granfather made. :) All 3 of us kids will get one!! :)

Monday, December 10, 2012


I'm linking up with Katie for There's No Place Like the Holidays 

I come from a little town called Indian Springs, Alabama.  Which is in the middle of Hoover and Pelham. 

I have lived here with my family for 17 years now. 

I come from 2 crazy, loving parents who have been married for 28 years!! 

I have 2 crazy younger sisters who always dance and sing at the top of their lungs.  And who look nothing like me. 

I went to a high school with the generic colors red, white, and blue. You can guess what our mascot was? I graduated with 417 people and maybe 3 people i regularly talk to from my graduating class. Where it was weird if you did not go to alabama or auburn for college. Which I did not go to. 

I know go to a school where most people know your name even the President of the school. 

I have now found a man who I have talked to 3 months and dating for a month who treats me like a princess. who makes me laugh, makes me a better person, who is my best friend .  AND Who I get to see tomorrow!!! :)

I come from being depressed this time last year to slowly  being my happy self I was when I was 15. That's the last time I remember being truly content and happy with myself. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Honesty Time

Disclaimer: I am about to put my heart out there. Please be considerate.

A year ago today I was in a dark place in my life. My life was wrapped around one person not God. It was all about MAG. To me the world revolved us. It was about him all the time. If he was happy I was happy. If he was upset I was too. I let him control me, my emotions, everything. It was all about him. I put everything into our relationship not wanting anything back in return. When he said come over I would. Even if meant canceling plans with friends. He would withhold hugs, kisses, hand holding, etc if I did something wrong in his eyes. All my friends could see he was no good but I was too blinded by having my first ever boyfriend who "loved" me. He would affect so many things my family life, my friendships, my relationship with God, my school work, etc.

Then a year ago today I almost made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Here we go ( honesty time) I almost had sex with him. We were this close to having it and thankfully I stopped it. I am so glad I did. However that didn't stop us for doing other things.

3 almost 4 months later MAG broke up with me. I was an emotional wreck for the next 3 months. I was on and off crying. I was not wanting to go to school. I was depressed. I wanted to die.

However I was getting back to who I am as a person. I was laughing again, smiling, I had friends again, etc. I was blogging again. My relationship with God was great and still is. Finally getting closure. Finding out your ex didn't really "love" you kind of does that to you.

So in July I did something completely not like me. I joined a dating site.

So in August I had my first dates. I only had 3. One was interesting, one was awkward, and one was no words to describe it.

However there was always this one guy. He introduced himself and asked who I was then had 3 questions for me to answer. So me being the nice person I answered. I had other guys I was talking to at the time but there was always him with his questions. He didn't care that I didn't ask anything back. He was always there pursuing me. So after 3 failed first dates and another guy using somehow. I started to pray about the annoying guy. Because he had asked to Skype me or text me and I always said no. He was like ok and then went on asking me questions. So God was like give him a chance. At first I was hesitate because he looked like MAG. Then God was like he's not my daughter. So after a month of messaging I finally gave the go ahead. Yes we can Skype and I am so glad I did.

Yes guys this is JBK. Haha.

I am now in relationship that is about being best friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. I am now in a relationship where I laugh all the time. I am now in a relationship where people say I "glow" when I talk about us.
I am now in a relationship where it doesn't revolve around one person it is about us. I am now in relationship when he will pick up the phone and call me when I need him even if it is 1 AM. I am in a relationship where there is no withholding of anything.

I am so thankful and so blessed to have this man in my life. He is my knight in shining armor and I call him that. And he calls me his princess. :) I can't wait to see where this goes. :) I am def starting to fall for him.

Thanks for reading. Love y'all.