Friday, December 14, 2012

Home for the Holidays

I'm sorry I have only posted once. I just got home for Christmas Break and my mom has already put me to work. I have seen JBK already once. Hopefully will see him more next week.

So home for the Holidays. My family goes all out for Christmas I wish I could show you everything we do.

I will tell you about most of it and a few pics. Lets see we have a ton of trees. All of them are fake due to everyone but mine allergies.  We have 4. We used to have a kids' tree that had old toys from happy meals,etc. we have wreaths on every door and window.
Most of you don't know but my family has a farm. We have ducks, chickens, goats,
And our farm has a star on it with lights.

We also have every picture for our christmas cards/ Santa pics.

Christmas Eve we have a few traditions.

One is we always see Santa. We are then given money to spend on anything. I usually get books.

Two we fondue. :).

Three We were always given PJs from our dad's godmother basically his mom. I always called her my great godmother. she was pretty cool. she went to my college back in the 1930s. She knew Harper Lee. Need I say more?? She passed away 3 years ago.

Then there's a few things I love around our house.

My first Christmas!!

Our Santa picture last year

One of our many trees. 

The farm. i know it is blurry 

One of my favorite christmas photos. back when i had hair down to almost my butt

These two things are my grandmother's. I love them. I def. want them!!

The Natavity Set my granfather made. :) All 3 of us kids will get one!! :)

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