Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hi My Name is Kaitlyn and I'm a Literary Junkie

I found this link up through my one best blog friends Miss Abbey . I am on the road to visit to my grandfather, aunt, uncle, and cousins down in Fairhope. So I would grab the button. Haha. ;)

Now on to the questions.

1. Well I just now started this jem. After so many people recommending I finally got it in a book swap. ;).

The Book Thief

2. I would probably say either John Green or Karen Kingsbury. Two polar opposite book authors I know. Haha those 2 are possibly my favorite authors.

3. I would say my couch or my bed. I love reading before bed and into the night.

4. That's a hard one for me. Haha so lets see.

The Fault in Our Stars is my favorite absolutely favorite YA book right now. Omg. If you want romance, sadness, adventure, humor. This is the book for you. I finished it in a day and half after I got it and signed by John Green himself. :)

The Garden of Good and Evil is a good mystery. It is on my reread list. :)

13 Reasons Why was the first audiobook I listened too. Amazing!!

The next few are my favorite classics. It also doesn't help these 2 lived or had lived in alabama. :) To Kill a Mockingbird shout out she went to my college for a bit and The Great Gatsby F. Scott's Montgomery home is like 5 min down the road too.
Then you can't go wrong with Mr. Darcy.

The Harry Potter and Traveling Pants are my favorite series. :) they defined my childhood. :)


  1. Yes! Karen Kingsbury! Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm your newest follower!

  2. So, we're basically twinsies. To Kill a Mockingird and Great Gatsby are two of my favorite books. :)

    1. Well we knew were almost twins anyways. One more thing to add to our list.

  3. if you like the great gatsby, may I recommend the double bind by chris bohjalian!
    glad you got / started the book thief! enjoy!

    1. Thanks for the reccomendation. I just put it on my list to read!

  4. Great list! :) I asked for The Fault in Our Stars for Christmas.... we'll see if Santa brings it ;)

  5. i loved the book thief and want to read a fault in our stars since EVERYONE has recommend it. didn't like 13 reasons why though :(

  6. Mannn I loved Traveling Pants, too! :) Thanks for linking up!

  7. I also loved the Traveling Pants books! :) Thanks so much for linking up with us! (Sorry that I'm just now reading your post!) I hope you'll be back again for next month's (January) link up!