Monday, October 29, 2012

This Weekend :)

This weekend was great once again. :).

Friday Night

My school had it's annual Semi Formal. It was in it's 3rd year and my first time going.

I loved it. :).

Saturday my sweet JBK came to my school to meet my friends then we went down to Auburn to tailgate with my family. And so JBK could ask my daddy an important question. No not that one....

He asked my daddy. Can I please date your daughter!? And of course my daddy awakardly laughed and said of course!! :).

JBK is my boyfriend!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

Then on Sunday we went to church. :)
Then once again we forgot to take pics so we have self pics again!! Haha.

I don't know when I will be seeing JBK again because November is so crazy!!

But it will be ok. Distance makes the heart grow fonder right!??? :)