Monday, October 1, 2012

Mingle Monday with Meg!

I am linking up with the Marvelous Meg for Mingle Monday!! :)

She is also having a blog giveaway, and a Fall Swap that ends tomorrow at 12!! I have yet to sign up but I will. :)

Now for the question: what are you favorite things about Oct!? Agh. So many things. So I am going to say the things I'm looking forward to this year's Oct.

1. My birthday!! 5 days! I will be 23!! Wow!! :).

2. My baby sister MEC's homecoming. And her bday. She will be 15 on the 29th. When did she get so big and can get her driving permit. No bueno.

3. My daddy's bday is also this month the 20th. I can't believe my daddy will be 55. He doesn't look like it all.

4. My date with JBK on 27th and 28th!!! I'm beyond happy about this one!! :) :) :)

5. I also love fall and everything that comes with it. Hats, scarfs, pumpkins, coffee, hot tea, etc. :) and hooded sweatshirts. ;)

6. Halloween meaning my favorite kid's movie, Hocus Pocus of course!! :)

That's all for know

Kaitlyn :)

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