Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Guess Who's Back!!! Tell A Friend!

Linking up with these 2 lovely ladies again! It's been awhile Weight Loss Wed friends!!

Haha. Sorry for the title. Don't tell me you started to sing/rap that song. ;).

Ok back to business. It is finally May.
Like I said in April I was taking a break from the scale.

A. Because I was getting addicted.
B. April was killer with school because it was up in the air if I was graduating or not!! But guess who's walking across that stage Saturday morning!!! Finally after 5 years my hard work has paid off!!
C. I'm finally ready to give 110% of myself. If you saw my post on Sunday you will know why. If not check it out. I did a vlog and everything. There maybe an attractive screenshot. ;) haha

So I haven't weighed yet. So I will be updating that ASAP. I'm writing this post at 3:30 in the morning because I can't sleep. I will tell y'all at the end of this post as soon as I weigh in.

I have missed you ladies and writing on everyone's posts to encourage you all. YES I said everyone. I love encouraging people. I LOVE doing that. :). Y'all inspire so much!! :).

So writing now I'm doing 2 challenges well 3 actually. Haha.

So I'm actually for real this time doing this one with Tasha from A Sunshiny Day. It is is going to be a beast but I'm going to break it up to do it. ;) Join us!? :) we have a Facebook event and everything get in contact with her. She's one of my biggest supports and I don't know where I would have been without her these past few months. Love that girl so much!!

I am also doing Jess's from Operation Skinny Jeans!! :).

And to end this lovely long message. Here's some old school JT love!! Haha.


  1. Glad to hear you're back on track and huge congrats on graduating this weekend!! I am doing Jess's 10 week challenge too... can't wait to see what the next couple of months have in store!

  2. You are ABSOLUTELY TOO SWEET!!!!!!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH for your kind words! I am SO GLAD to see ya back!!! I can't wait to see where your challenges take you!

  3. That JT meme is one of my favorites right now aha

  4. Oh JT <3 So glad you're back with WIW!