Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Graduation Recap

Hey first off I want to apologize for not posting in awhile. It has been crazy busy and I have been praying about this blog space. And my computer has been acting really slow. I can't upload the pics from graduation. I can however give you pics from my phone which I am typing from.

So here's a quick recap.

Friday morning was graduation practice where we found out our graduation would be inside. Boo. It has only happened 3 times. The last time being 2003.

Then we had a yummy brunch from Alumni office.

Then I had to meet the mom of the kids I'm watching this summer. I am so thankful God is allowing me to stay in Montgomery to make money for graduate school whenever that maybe.

Then met my family minus SEC ( who was moving out the little bit she had left in AU)plus JBK at the hotel.

We then had the Baccalaureate. It was great service. Even the president of school called out Giles in his sermon.
( Giles is the Van Wilder of my school)

Everyone that graduated even stood up when he got his diploma and some of the faculty as well.

Me and the family and now SEC went out for Mexican food. :)

Saturday was graduation it was pure crazy because of the rain.

I got to see a few people so that was great!!

Also the person who got his diploma before me has an amazing last name.
His name is Rhett Butler. :) He is a friend and amazing guy at that.

Then me and my family and a ton of friends and family went to Mr. Gs. It is my favorite Greek and Italian restaurant. :)

Then my parents drove my sister SEC to Atlanta to catch a plane to Chile. Where she was one of 6 students chosen to study Industrial Engineering over there!! My sister is a smarty pants!! :)

Then me, JBK, and MEC drove home.
MEC went to the soccer game while me and my boy stayed and ate pizza and watched Gangster Squad. Very bad effects but overall a good movie.

Picture time!!

Me and TG. She was my small group leader for 2 years. I don't know where I would be without her.

Then obviously me and JBK. And look Sar he is smiling with teeth!! Hahaha. Love you babe.

Oh and my man spoiled me for graduation and for our 6 month. A beautiful necklace and earrings. :)


  1. So proud of you! And looks like that bf of your is spoiling you! =) Good for you!

  2. Bwaaahaha way to smile, Bryan! Love it!