Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Silly Little Love Songs

Today I am linking up with Katie and Shuana for....

 Love Song Edition!! I am going to have a lot just warning you. 


The first one was my first slow dance song. I bought the CD for just for this song no lie. I would listen to it on repeat. 


Movie Love Songs.  Ghost

Unchained Melody

Up Close and Personal Because You Loved Me

The Bodygaurd

I Will Always Love You

This is JBK's ringtone. I like this version then Blake Shelton

God Gave Me You Dave Barnes

I would also choose this song to 

I like to me when I'm with You 

Drew Holcomb

And I am ended with this lovely jewels





1 comment:

  1. Great picks! And seriously, Hero takes me back to many a dance hahaha

    (I also like the Dave Barnes version WAY better than Blake Shelton's, but I am not a country fan. At all.)