Thursday, June 7, 2012

Need for Update

I haven't updated in awhile I know.

Spring Semester did not treat me as well as I hoped. My anxiety issues came back in full force and then on top it all depression added on to it as well. I also gained some of my weight back that I have lost last summer. And also I'm now graduating in the Spring 2013.

Summer 2012

I did VBS at my old church. I was with Kindergartners and I was exhausted by the end of each of the days. Having no adult with me yesterday and my other adult never showing up. And having 3 sometimes 4 youth helpers that we're my sister's friends didn't help with 17 to 18 kids. I loved them but I'm so glad that's over.

Let's see I am working ( yeah!!!) at my old church as a sub for the pre school there. I already have worked twice in May. Then I am working 6 times in June and possibly some in July.

My grandmother passed away 2 weeks ago. I am ok. My grandfather on the other hand isn't. :(. He's my last blood grandparent left. He has been for almost 9 years now.

Let's see write now I say my life is around 7. It is average. It could be better and could be worse. I'm also not sleeping great. I have been having the weirdest dreams that keep me up. :(

Have a great weekend and maybe I will update. :)


  1. Hold up- Spring 2013? Do you just mean walking? We seriously need to chat. I'm calling you. :)

  2. Let's see I will be walking and graduating 2013. Yes please call me biffle. :)