Friday, June 29, 2012

Ablaze on Breaking Up

When I started to read the Ablaze series it was exactly what I needed. I have been struggling for almost 4 months.

My breakup happened about 4 months ago. To say I hit rock bottom is a understatement. This was my first true breakup. I had never had a boyfriend until MAG.  I also thought this was the guy I was going to marry.  I am about to get real honest here ok. Just to tell people.

MAG was my first relationship, my first kiss, etc. To me he was my whole world instead of God for those almost 6 months we were together. I know what you are thinking 6 months is not that long, but it felt like we had been together for much longer then that. Here are a few things I have finally say I have learned about what I need to change about my next relationship.

1. Have that quiet time. Before my relationship with MAG I had a daily quiet time just with me and God. It was where I put on some worship music danced around my room in awe of the Creator of life. I also did Jesus Calling which spoke to somehow every day without fail. During that time I was still.

As it says
Psalm 46:10
He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

2. Have an accountability partner. I can honestly say I have one of the best accountability  partner. in the world. She is one of my best friends at HC. I do not know where I would be without her in my life. It is killing me that she is in a different state right now and she won't be on campus in the Fall. And not working with me. :(  She was with me through it all. I love you biffle aka LEA!


Matthew 18:20

20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Those are two things there is more I promise, but I can only think of these 2 right now because I am dead tired. But I will end on these 4 pins I found of pintest not even a few days after me and MAG broke up. I also linked it to my pintrest! :)




  1. oh friend, this post moved me. sounds like we've been through similar heartache in relationships. and that breaks my heart for you! but i just love to see how you've turned it around and are still pursuing Christ so sweetly. You're a gem. I love the points you made and the scriptures you used, amazing.
    needed to hear this tonight.

    love and hugs to you, sister!

  2. Aww. I'm so glad this post moved you. Your post woke up
    my eyes as well. :) you are too sweet. :).

    Love and hugs to you as well. :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you've had to go through this but thank you for posting with such honesty. It's great to see how you continue to pursue Christ in the midst of this trial. Keep on sister :)

  4. Hey girl. It is a daily reminder to myself. I'm trying to blog more and reach more people. I feel like so many girls know what I'm going through and I want to help them.

  5. I'm so glad this series spoke to you so deeply! This is great advice, Kaitlyn. Thank you for that! I'm praying God will continue to heal your heart and guide it to chase solely after His.

    1. Thanks Annie!! Where in Michigan do you live!? I have relatives up there!? They are coming down Sunday!! I can't wait!!

  6. I love you so so so so much! I am so glad to have you as my best friend KMC! I still have to read the series and catch up since I've been out of town the last few days. I miss you so so much and I can't wait until I see you AGAIN!!!!!!!

    1. Love love love you too!! :) I am so glad you are my best friend and God put you at HC!! :)

      I can't wait to see you again!! ( Hannah Montana singing it not me) hahaha