Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankfulness Thursday

Linking up with the lovely Sar for Thankful Thursday!!

1. I'm thankful for one of my best friends Rachel. We got to talk this morning. It had been 2 weeks since I had. Her momma is getting married this weekend! :) congrats Momma Swain!! I can't call her that anymore. :( Haha. I just call her by her first name anyway.

2. Wednesday night dinner was amazing last night. Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, etc.

3. Thanksgiving Break is almost here!!
That means I'm going down to Mobile and see my grandfather!! :) oh my goodness I'm so happy about that!!
Even though I will be working on papers and projects.

4. Also if you follow on me twitter.
Katiemac007 btw. ;). You know I am
having a daily countdown until I see JBK!! 9 days!!!

Poor baby is sick right now because he is working himself to being sick. :(.
Why does he have to be 3 plus hours away. :(.

5. I can't wait for Christmas Break!! So many books on my reading list!! :)


  1. 9 days 'til JBK! Celebration! RP3 heads to Vienna on Saturday so I got to see him yesterday but I won't see him until two weeks. Wah wah.

    Happy almost-Thanksgiving break! <3

    1. Now you know how I have been feeling. Haha. It is awful not seeing someone for almost 4 weeks.

  2. Yayyy almost Christmas - so crazy! :)