Monday, November 5, 2012

My Weekend...

My Weekend consisted of 4 main things.

1. Sinus Headache all weekend long. It was horrible because I had the house to myself while the family was in AU.

2. Even though I had a sinus headache I got to cuddle and sleep with this pretty lady. Miss Sadie Belle.

3. I also got to catch up on my YA class reading which made me have Harry Potter related dreams since we are reading this. Haha

4. I didn't get to talk to JBK much which led him getting to know one bad trait I have. I am clingy.

However now for some awesome sauce news!! Hahaha.

Congrats to my best guy friend JME or he has been mentioned on here Josiah which yes is his real name!!

He got a new job offer today!!!! Yeah!!! Happy dance!!

Love y'all. :)


  1. Such a cute puppy! Also, I'm way jealous. I miss all the English classes I got to take when I was an undergrad sooo so much. And none of them were even close to as awesome as a YA class.

    1. Aww thanks. I love me some Sadie when I'm home.

      You would think going to big school you would have awesome English Electives.

  2. you sure can't go wrong with harry potter!

    what a fun weekend you had :)

    congrats to your friend,awesome!!

    1. Yeah you can't go wrong with HP.

      I am super super pumped for him. He deserves it so much!!

  3. I'm definitely right in the clingy boat with you. My hubby calls me his "suckerfish". It totally fits! Haha.