Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My 101 Things to do in 1001 Days

So I'm about to start on my list of 101 things to do 1001 days!! Here we go... :)

Start Date: Sept. 6, 2011
End Date: June 3 , 2014

In Progress 
Have not started yet.

1.       Write a 101 in 1001 days for my blog
2.       Blog every day  for a month
3.       Indentify 100  things that make me happy
4.       Train for my half marathon
5.       Do my half marathon
6.       Graduate  from HC
7.       Go to graduate school
8.       Go to Africa
9.       Write in a journal and keep up with it
10.   Write a letter to my future husband every day for a month
11.   Read 100 books that I want to read
12.   Write down what happens on 11/11/11
13.   Make a wish at 11:11 on 11/11/11
14.   Write down what happens on 12/12/12
15.   Write myself a letter and open it once the 1001 days are over
16.   Donate 10,000 rice through Freerice.com
17.   Postcross 100 postcards
18.   Reread all the Harry Potter
19.   Reread all the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
20.   Mail a birthday card to people I care about
21.   Go to Passion 2012
22.   Get an amazing red dress for Dec.2011
23.   Feel amazing in my bridesmaid dress for Aug.2012
24.   Throw a wedding shower for Rachel
25.   Give Blood again
26.   Leave a note for someone in a book
27.   Finish a day challenge for once
28.   Try 10 new restaurants
29.   Make a quote book
30.   Put you are beautiful post it  in a bathroom
31.   Write a message in a bathroom
32.   Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
33.   Write bad memories on a piece of paper and burn it
34.   Send a secret to post secret
35.   Go vegetarian for a month
36.   Pay for someone who is behind me in the drive thru
37.   Answer the 50 questions to free your mind
38.   Make a list of what I’m looking for/what is important to me in a relationship
39.   Make a list of 5 people who have influenced me and write them telling them that
40.   Blog once a week
41.    No fast food for a month
42.   Identify 25 things that I like about myself
43.   Send 5 people a "just because" card
44.   . Watch a sunrise and a sunset in one day
45.   Go on a date
46.   Get my first kiss
47.   Have my first boyfriend
48.   Give 10% of my paycheck to the church
49.   Feel comfortable in a swimsuit again
50.   Keep my car clean
51.   Make someone other than my family dinner
52.   Renew my driver’s license
53.   Go to Montgomery Zoo
54.   Leave a favorite book on a public bench for someone else to pick up and enjoy.
55.   Try Sake (Josiah this is for you!! Haha)
56.   Have quiet time every day for a month
57.   Do a Year Long Devotional and keep up with it
58.   Keep a prayer journal
59.   Try Pilates with Lauren L. ( at least 2 times)
60.   Try Yoga with Lauren L.  ( at least 2 times)
61.   Zumba ( at least 2 times)
62.   Do the Workout DVD with Lauren A.
63.   Do the Daniel Fast
64.   Do a day in the life of Kaitlyn photo blog
65.   Write letters to my friends at HC that are graduating this year and the next
66.   Have someone make me dinner
67.   Do a video blog
68.   Make Good Grades Fall 2011
69.   Make Good Grades  Spring 2012
70.   Make Good Grades Fall 2012 (If this has to happen)
71.   Go to Zoo lights
72.   Make at least two things out of Big Mamma’s recipe book she gave me that I haven’t made before
73.   Reread Pride and Prejudice
74.   Teach English Abroad
75.   Rewatch all the Star Wars from Episode 1-6
76.   Rewatch all the Indiana Jones in order
77.   Reread The Bible in a year
78.   Drink JUST water for a month ( No Hot Tea, coffee, crystal light)
79.   Go to the movies by myself
80.   Read 5 Biographies
81.   Get my new car
82.   Upgrade my iphone
83.   Write at least 30 things that happened during each month that made me happy
84.   Go to my first Iron Bowl (RTR) J
85.   Go to my first Auburn vs. Florida game ( RTR) J
86.   Looks at the stars while laying  on the green at HC
87.   Keep my dorm room clean
88.   Go Through my books and give them to 2nd & Charles
89.   Go eat Indian Food with Nichole
90.   Go to Mayfield, KY to see my grandparents’ grave
91.   Go to where my dad’s mom is buried
92.   Go to a  Bible Study
93.   No Starbucks for a month
94.   No chocolate for a month
95.   Have Josiah meet my HC friends
96.   Live in an apartment
97.   Make a list of friend’s and family’s birthdays
98.    Do Couch to 5K
99.   Jingle Bell Run in Dec.
100.                        Document these 101 things on my blog. J
101.                        Make a new list!! 1.   

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