Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Instead of me complaining about how I don't have a boyfriend for the 21st year of my life and never had one in my life.

I was reminded of a text my best guy friend sent me awhile ago.Sidenote: HEY JOSIAH MARTIN ERWIN!!haha

I was complaining to him about this.I feel like sometimes I won't be able to relate to my future kids. Sorry kids Mommy never dated anyone in middle or high school or maybe even college . He then said to me no they will respect you because you waited for that special someone.

The more I thought about what he said. It made sense. I have not wasted myself like some people in this world. I have not yet given away anything to someone yet. I hope to say maybe the only guy that I give everything to is my future husband.

That will be something really special to say to my kids. Yes it took forever, but mommy wanted to make sure that daddy was the one to rescue her. That she did not have kiss a lot of frogs to get her prince. Her prince was her one and only.

That's it for now.. :)   Thanks for reading.

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  1. You should already know that I love, love, love this post...but if you didn' you do! :)