Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thoughts Coming to Me

  1. Why am I sick
  2. This sucks
  3.  I am so ready for bedtime
  4. I cant take my meds for awhile
  5. Friday was awesome
  6. Lauren Adam is pretty awesome
  7. i hope I can sleep tonight
  8. I didnt sleep until 4 this morning
  9. i have class tomorrow
  10. least it is only 2
  11. i have to meet with my bio professor
  12. i need to do good on that test
  13. i got a C on the first one
  14. oh yeah i have a night class 
  15. i always forget that one
  16. i miss my best friends at home
  17. Rachel and josiah 
  18. i love my friends here at HC
  19. i am so glad I'm here
  20. guys are confusing
  21. i cant wait to be home
  22. i just need a hug 
  23. water is good
  24. i am about to kill my throat
  25. it is killing me
  26. so is my nose
  27. mary is in DC i am so jealous
  28. i want to be there so bad
  29. i want to go back so badly
  30. i am going home this weekend
  31. see emily in high school musical
  32. and for winter retreat 
  33. i need some quite time with God
  34. will do that tomorrow
  35. ok that's it for now people. 
  36. have a great/blessed day! :)

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