Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Again...

In case if you haven't noticed I took another blogging break. To put it kindly I don't know why I haven't.  I am not a numbers blogger. Sorry if you are. I am not bad mouthing anyone. 

I don't care how many followers and how many views you get. Or how many comments I get. Sometimes I get no comments at all. 

My blog is about me. My ups and downs. It has been here as an outlet for when my ex broke up with me. It has been here when I talked about online dating and finding the man for me. It has been about my weight struggles, my friend struggles, and everything in between.

So if that is not your cup of tea then you will just have kiss my southern grits. ;) 

I love each and everyone who comments or follows this lovely space. 

So I am back people!! :). And get ready for some posts. :). 

Again I love y'all!! :). Talk to y'all soon!! :) 

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