Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Best Guy Friend

Today at Chapel Dr. West talked about friends/friendship. It got me thinking Josiah. Josiah is my best friend in the guy form. haha. It made me think about how we met and who would have thought almost 4 years later I would still be friends with him. First off let me explain how we met.

Most of you know what happened to me those years so I am shortening the story. 
High School not my favorite 4 years spent on this Earth. Well 9th grade wasn't bad. However by the end of 10th and into the 11th grade. School was not where I wanted to be 8 hours of the day. I had it all in 9th grade. Great friends, great self esteem, the works. It all came crashing down with a boy. My best friend at the time decided to believe her boyfriend at the time about a certain subject who she only known four months to me her best friend of 6th grade. Then the lies and rumors happened. People chose to believe them and I was devastated. I was on the verge of committing suicide at one point because I did not have anyone it felt like. My self esteem went out the window. I even almost transferred schools senior year because I was so fed up. I finally decided it only one more year I can do this. That decision changed my life.

I was in band in high school. I had a love/hate relationship with it. I was in all guy section being one of two girls with 15-20 guys. You kind of have to stick up for yourself and have  tough skin. Well one day there this guy who was watching us do sets and I was like who is that? It did not look like veteran or someone I knew. So after that I introduced myself I was like "Hi I'm Kaitlyn and you are?"  He said back "I'm Josiah and I'm new here." It made me laugh the way he said it  I don't know why but it did. I hadn't laughed in awhile so I was so happy. The more we talked we realized we had a lot of things in common. Every day we talked and talked. We even got lockers next to each other even though he never used it. We got parking spots next to each other which he did use. He then became my best guy friend. School came and went the summer came.

That summer was great. There was not a day besides when I was in Costa Rica that we did not talk or text. It was so hard leaving him when I went off to college. I almost thought I would never see him or talk to him again because most of my guy friends had used me to get girls I was friends with. I knew he was not that way at all.

Here we are almost 4 years later and still best friends. We text all most every day at least or every other day. There are a few things I want to say to you Josiah because I know you read these blogs. hehe.

I am so proud of you!!! Well you already know that. Going to school and full time job I commend/proud of you!!  I am also proud of you telling your testimoney in May!! Thank you so much for being here with me through thick and thin. I don't know where I would be without you these past 4 years. From you encouraging me, making me laugh, being the brother I never had, looking out for me, keeping me on the straight and narrow path, plus more. To what you will be doing in the future stalking my first boyfriends/husband  (once I get him of course), coming to graduation (which I am holding you to buddy, you promised), etc.   You have come so far since I met you. Your relationship with Christ is one I pray my future husband has. I can't wait to see the future has for our friendship. You will be Uncle Josiah when I have kids. There's so much I can say to you. I love your hugs they make everything better. Even though we don't see each a lot it feels like we pick up where we left off. You are one amazing man Josiah and whoever is lucky to have you as her husband is a very lucky girl. I pray for her every day. Well that's all for now.


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