Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weigh In Tuesday/ 10 Months

So again sorry for only one post again. Ahh!! I need a job like now!! So frustrating!! 

However I weighed in today and it is.....

Loss of 1.4!!! So pumped because this past weekend was some hard crap man. 
A wedding shower which I didn't eat anything, my mom's birthday we had California Pizza Kitchen which is one of the worst places you can go to while on WW, but all 5 of split stuff, and a beautiful wedding. 

The wedding dress I wore actually feels better when I wore it over a month ago. So yeah!! 

I am also about it start working out with a trainer at least 3x to maybe 4x a week!! I start bright early. :). 

I also celebrated 10 months with my man today!! I can't believe it has been that long. Seems like yesterday I told y'all about him.  I also get to see him this long weekend!! Haven't seen him in 2 weeks!! Yeah for JBK hugs and kisses!! 

Thanks again for all the support it helps out so so much!!! 



Me and my sisters at the wedding!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weigh In Tuesday.

Well friends it has been another week. Sorry again for not posting I have my hands full of job applications and interviews. I also have appointments since I am now back at home as well. So eye doctor on Thursday. :) I love my eye doctor because he is like my second dad and haven't seen him in forever. Love my Big Daddy (that's what we call him.)

Now onto the weight... 

I lost another 2.2lbs!!!!! :) :) I also now out of 240s!!!! :). Never Ever going back to that dreaded number again!! 

I am also 5.6 lbs away from 5% of my body weight gone. :). 

I am also 3.6 lbs away from 10 lbs being off my body as well!! :). 

This week is going to be hard, but I'm saving my extra 49 points for my mommy's bday on Friday and a good friend's wedding on Sat. :). 

I also been looking up healthy recipes and cooking a lot. 

I am also trying to eat clean so not a lot of process foods. 

Trying to get off carbonated drinks. I have one at least every few days. Which is better then everyday how I was this summer. ( I will also be buying some spark from Tamera soon.) 

Drinking at least half my body weight in water. 

I also eating not a lot of frozen meals. Only going to eat one a week instead of a lot. 

About to start workout again. 

I also got a cute new haircut. :) 

So there's a ton of new things on the horizon and I am loving it. :) 

Thank you all for the support you give me. 



Monday, August 19, 2013

Get Help

I have been on and off writing this post for sometime. I have been really feeling to write this now more then ever. 

This is going to be a very serious post just to warn y'all. 

2012 and 2006-08 are years that will always stick out in my mind. Those 3 years are the years I almost killed myself. 
Hence the word almost. 

Those years I was the lowest of lows. 2012 was when I thought the love of my life broke my heart. However he wasn't. And now I do have the best boyfriend JBK. 

Then in 2006-08 were the years where I had rumors and lies spread about me every time I entered school. 

I am so glad I didn't. I have amazing friends now that support and love me for who I am, I have a better relationship with my family then I have in years, I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me, and so much more.  I am also on a path to make a more healthier me as well. I can't wait to wake up in the morning. I also have an amazing God who loves me unconditionally. 

Sure I still have my days, but I know it will all be ok. 

If you or someone you know every feels like that you can't go on please get help. 

Suicide  Prevention Hotline

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weigh In Tuesday!

So update on the life. Applied for the library position yesterday. Now applying for administrative assistant jobs. One is at kid's theater. I would so love that one. :) I hope to here back from something soon.

Working out wise haven't really yet. I am probably going to start walking around the neighborhood again. :) 

But overall I lost again this week!!! 

4.2 lbs!!! :) almost out of the 240s!! :) 

I also got a sample of Spark from my lovely Tamera  or if you want to order some advocare products her website is this www.thesparkrunner.com . She's the best. :) I haven't tried it yet I will tonight or tomorrow. I may also do the advocare 24 day challenge with her! :)  She has been one of my biggest support system why does she have to live in the big state of TX. haha.

I am making dinner tonight so come back tomorrow for the yummy healthy recipe!! :) 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hey Y'all Long Time No Talk

Hey y'all.  It's been awhile. Sorry about that. I just got finished with my summer job Friday. Now off to interview stage!! 

I had one today for after school help. I will know by the end of the week. I am also applying for a part time library job. The application is due Monday. I really want that one because that is the field I will be going into. 

I am also working on my weight again. My wake up call was a few weeks ago when I weighed. I was 249. Ugh. 

So last night I went back to Weight Watchers. I missed those ladies so much. I am so glad I am back doing. 
Good news is I was back down 3 lbs when I weighed last night. 

I also want to get back to working out. I really want to go back to my trainer. I want someone other then a family member keep me accountable. She also knows how to get to me.  If I do that I will have to pay for it though. 

I am trying to convince my parents if I pay for these sessions and show them I am really serious then will they pay for the next ones.  Here's to hoping it works out!
Me and JBK are doing good. We went a wedding a few weeks for my freshman roommate. It was great. :). I haven't seen him since then, but we hope to see each other the weekend before he starts teaching!! :) 

He is now a 8th grade science teacher and science coordinator for 5th and 6th grade!! I could not be more happy for him. He is going to be almost 2 hours away which isn't that bad. 

My sister SEC turned 21 Sunday. So she had her first legal drink. It was a pineapple martini. I tried it wasn't that great to me, but whatever. 

So that's it for the life update!! :)